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Weed Stash Boxes and Storage

Stash & Storage Boxes

Whether you favor discretion or seek to show off your supply, we offer an array of sleek features and styles for sophisticated smokers. 

Our stash box selection emphasizes material and design, selecting only the highest quality storage objects from the artists of our time. Shop our high end stash boxes — perfectly portable, or ready to display. 

Are you into smell-proof and stealth, or a solid showcase of your taste? Discover the stash box that suits your needs, or gift one to a friend. 

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The Small Glass CanisterThe Small Glass Canister
Vice Weed CanisterVice Weed Canister
Bone Inlay Amalfi Bud BoxBone Inlay Amalfi Bud Box
Druggist Weed CanisterDruggist Weed Canister
Mind-Pop CanisterMind-Pop Canister
Mind-Pop Canister Sale price$45.00
Druggist Shrooms CanisterDruggist Shrooms Canister
Eternity Marble Stash BoxEternity Marble Stash Box
Joint Carrying CaseJoint Carrying Case
Joint Carrying Case Sale price$129.00

The stash box

An essential way to store flower and other cannabis supplies

In our day and age, we love to keep our flowers on display. A stash box is an essential piece of equipment. When it comes to cannabis goods, we see high end stash boxes as a gift that keeps on giving.

The selection of high end stash boxes in our shop is diverse, made from artists we admire and designers as distinct as Edie Parker to Jonathan Adler.

Shop for a stash box that you (and your all your people) will love to look at. 

Chic & discreet pot storage

How to store your weed in style

Whether you’re storing your buds or other equipment, a stash box is the best way to keep your cannabis and supplies safe. Discover a sleek, smell-poof stash box to match your style — for your grinder, papers, and other cannabis essentials.

In today’s day and age, why not store your weed in style? 

Smell Proof Carrying Case For your joints and pre-rolls by Holk

Why Wood?

Natural Materials Are Superior Stashboxes

For some, a good stash box is a wood stash box. A wood stash box feels traditional for many reasons, and that’s why we’ve included an honorable mention for wood.

Whatever you prefer wood or another material, wood stash boxes have long been a part of storing and consuming cannabis. 

One of our favorites pictured here is an inlay bone and wood box, gender neutral and pays homage to nature. Available in two sizes.

Bud Box with Wood & Bone Accent

Elevate your experience with our high end stash boxes.

Purchasing gifts and weed supplies from TFP

The Flower Pot is one of many small businesses specializing in stash safe cannabis goods. Our high end, smell proof stash boxes are made from the best material — and each one makes an awesome gift. Let’s make your stash box dreams come true. 

The internet can be a portal, allowing us to find new products we love. Do vibrant colors catch your eye, or would you prefer an old-school wood stash box? No matter what, you can’t go wrong when you shop with TFP. It’s time to finally store your buds in style.

Vice Weed Cannister by Jonathan Adler

Childproof Cannabis Storage

Stash Box with a Lock

Ensure your peace of mind with our top-of-the-line secure weed storage solutions, designed to safeguard your cannabis products from unauthorized access. Our robust and tamper-proof containers feature state-of-the-art locking mechanisms and durable materials, providing a reliable defense against theft and accidental exposure. Trust us for premium quality and unbeatable security in weed storage solutions.

A good stash box is like a diamond in the rough — it’s hard to find. Discover features and differently shaped frames, from magnets to combo locks and more.

Special features of weed stash boxes

Read our FAQ to discover our tips for finding the ideal stash box

Stash box faqs