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Article: Ritual Objects: How Material Support Grounds Our Ceremonial Practices

Ritual Objects: How Material Support Grounds Our Ceremonial Practices

Ritual Objects: How Material Support Grounds Our Ceremonial Practices

Rituals have been a part of the human experience for the last 70,000 years. Aside from providing us with a sense of predictability and consistency, rituals are also said to be tied to our unique values, helping us to connect back with our inner sense of self. 

Key Takeaways

  • Rituals involve a repeated set of actions or words that are performed on a regular basis
  • Modern-day rituals have been likened to self-care practices such as meditation, yoga, and journaling
  • Ritual objects act as the mediator between the individual and the whole
  • They can influence our human experience, acting as both a source of function and equilibrium
  • By investing in them through corporeal means, objects are inherently ritualistic 

But many find the concept of ritual intimidating or somehow out of reach. Luckily, ritual objects can help ground you in the present moment while allowing you to access a deeper plane of understanding, simply by being used. 

Below, we’ll take you through how material support can ground your ceremonial practices. And we’ll even highlight the best products and offerings The Flower Pot® has in store. 

What Is Ritual?

Ritual refers to a set of actions or words that are performed regularly. Traditionally, ritual has been understood as a singular part of a larger religious ceremony. 

But, modern-day rituals can run the gamut from making your coffee in the morning to journaling before bed. As a grounding practice, ritual can help you center yourself in the present moment while re-engaging your senses. 

How Ritual Functions In Our Daily Lives

Taking five minutes to meditate each day may not sound like a lot. But, the ritual of situating yourself on a propped pillow, lighting an incense, closing your eyes, and focusing on your breath can deliver much more to your senses than you might think. 

Through ritual, we negotiate our identities. We seek out a sacred space in which our relationship with others, ourselves, and society can be gently explored. 

But, most importantly, ritualistic space is where we may find grounding and equilibrium between the individual and the whole. Ritual doesn’t always have to constitute major rites of passage. 

Ritual doesn’t even need to be religiously affiliated in order for it to have meaning. Simply put, ritual is a practice you may utilize to live a more intentional life. 

Through these reiterated deliberate actions, rituals can help you connect with your humanity in a tangible and attainable way. 

What Role Do Objects Play In Ritual?

For some, certain objects already have the power to instigate rituals. For example, some find a French press coffeemaker to be the perfect inspiration for leveling up their morning productivity game. 

Caffeine aside, all objects have the ability to act as mediators. They can influence our human experience of this world while actively allowing us to pursue both function and equilibrium.

In this way, all objects are inherently ritualistic. No matter how we choose to use objects and for what purpose, we invest in these objects by coming into contact with them and investing in them through corporeal means. 

Best Ritual Objects of 2023

  • Best Candle: R O E N candles
  • Best Incense: Palo Santo Incense
  • Best Pipe: Cloud Nine Pipe
  • Best Tea: Worry Monster Tea
  • Best Tincture: Electra Energize Tincture
  • Best Serum: Radiant Face Serum
  • Types Of Ritual Objects

    At The Flower Pot®, we’ve meticulously curated a wellness and beauty selection of all things plant medicine, herbal remedies, botanical treats, and lush home goods. And, that includes artisanal objects that you can easily incorporate into your daily rituals. 


    Our candle collection is where luxe meets kindling. From scents like Amber & Moss to Hashish, we have a plethora of fragrances ready to whisk you away with some much-needed relaxation. 

    These luxury candles don’t just act as an aesthetically pleasing piece of visual decor that can enliven any room. They can also be used as therapeutic tools as they come with their own health benefits

    Whether you’re looking to create ambiance in your space, improve your mood, stimulate memory, or support a restful sleep, the act of burning candles can become a truly personal ritual of committing to reflection and relaxation. 

    For an especially sacred ritual, we house 3rd Ritual's Meditation Bel Candle - the perfect invitation to return to the present moment. When the candle is lit, wax melts, and eventually, each pin falls, landing with a resonant ding. 


    Like candles, incense similarly calms the mind while reducing stress and anxiety. They’re the perfect complement for a yoga or meditation practice, and can even help purify your space when you’re in need of a refresh. 

    In fact, one study even showed that burning incense for an hour in any given space can reduce the amount of bacteria in the air by 94%. Not to mention that each scent you burn comes with its own host of benefits.  

    Palo Santo literally means “holy wood” and is most commonly used in smudge sticks for its energy-cleansing properties, while sage, moss, and lavender work harmoniously to ground and uplift your senses all at once.

    Even when you’re not burning incense, pieces of functional art can continue to inspire your surroundings, making a statement within your living space while inviting thoughtful conversation. 


    Friends in high places deserve the most luxurious of smoking accessories. And with these artisanal pipes, you’ll feel like a part of the artwork as you breathe in, supporting your ritual. 

    Pipes designed by renowned creators and underground producers alike can enliven your space while making a stunning impression on your friends and guests. 

    And with each handcrafted offering, your space will be accentuated with a unique and provocative flair, ready to enhance the full-bodied ritual of breathing in the present moment. 


    Herbal teas have been used for centuries due to their purported health benefits, including their potential ability to lower your blood pressure, promote heart health, reduce the risk of stroke, and improve focus. 

    Whether you’re looking to tame your demons with green tea, lemongrass, tangerine, and rosemary, or add a little extra pep to your step with hibiscus petals, rosehip pieces, and green mate leaves, our collection of teas is curated to meet your every need.  


    Besides the delectable apothecary vibes you’ll get to indulge in with a tincture or two lying around, herbs in liquid form can offer you a potent blend of nutrient-dense extracts meant to target a wide range of issues

    Homestead Apothecary's tincture for anxiety support blends Ayurvedic ingredients like ashwagandha and rose quartz to promote balance in the body. Meanwhile, Cleban & Daughters' herbal remedies take inspiration from a grandfather's Dutch apothecary, honoring the old-world community of healing while producing pure, small-batch tinctures for a hectic new world. 


    Not to be confused with tinctures, serum droppers are meant to deliver your skin a hydrating treatment. In fact, a recent study found that serums could reduce skin dryness by 94% when used consistently, and they may even improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

    Vanity aside, serums are known for their ability to soothe and nourish the skin which, in today’s hustle and bustle, can benefit from every ounce of love we’re willing to give it. Besides, what’s more grounding than caring for your body which carries you through the world day to day? 


    Rituals remind us of what it means to be human. They offer us solace and consistency, and objects are only meant to enhance that mind-body connection. 

    At The Flower Pot®, we hope that these ritual objects may help you find greater purpose in those hushed moments of solitude and rest. 

    At The Flower Pot®, our mission is to create a safe and reliable space for you to explore + experiment with the benefits of botanical medicine. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn


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