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Herb Grinders

Herb Grinders

For those fatigued by finger gymnastics – manually breaking down your herbs. We bid farewell to sticky situations and uneven burns. Embrace the ease of a weed grinder—a game-changer for smoother tokes and more even rolling papers. No more resin-stained mits, just finely ground bliss awaiting your bowl or roll.


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Gears for Ganja

What Are Herb Grinders?

Just because weed grinders are functional doesn’t mean they can’t also be fashionable. With our cool weed grinders at The Flower Pot, you can get the most out of your cannabis and other herbs without sacrificing the style or quality of your next smoke session. 

Functionally, weed grinders help to break down larger chunks of flower into smaller, more consistent pieces. For anyone who’s ever rolled a joint themselves, you’ll know just how important a consistent smoke is. 

The best weed grinders not only make for a smoother smoke, but also a more even burn as you make your way through the joint. Whether you’re grinding up cannabis flower or other dry herbs, you’ll want to make sure you have a reliable weed grinder on hand to make the most of your self-care ritual. 

Different Types Of Herb Grinders

Not all herb grinders are made equal. In fact, herb grinders can vary in shape, size, color, material, and more. So what makes the best weed grinders stand out among the rest? Let’s take a look.

Weed Grinder Care

How To Clean Your Herb Grinder

While a weed grinder is essential for enhancing your smoking experience, you’ll quickly learn that cleaning your weed grinder is just as important. 

Step 1

Empty The Kief Catcher

First, you’ll want to empty the kief catcher of your herb grinder. Typically, you’ll find a kief catcher at the bottom of your herb grinder if you’re working with a grinder that has 3 pieces or more. 

As a general rule, the more components a weed grinder has, the more likely your grinder will be equipped with a compartment for collecting kief. Before you begin the cleaning process, make sure you remove the kief catch and preserve all the good stuff you can. 

Step 2

Put The Herb Grinder In The Freezer

Next, you’ll want to place your herb grinder in the freezer. The cold will help to loosen up any sticky material that might be coating the sharp teeth of your grinder. 

Freezing your grinder may also preserve the kief that’s been built up in a fine grind. So leave the grinder in the freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour for best results. 

Step 3

Wash With Water And Dry 

To preserve your cannabis grinder, make sure you clean it thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol, rubbing alcohol, or salt. But, to ensure that your next smoking experience isn’t soured by these flavor profiles, make sure you rinse thoroughly with water afterward to avoid any lingering alcohol smell.  

In order to keep your weed grinder fresh, it’s best to clean it once every month. This will not only preserve the quality of your herb grinder, it will also ensure you have the best weed experience possible. 

Grinding the best weed you can find down to a perfect consistency is a type of bliss only a smoker can relish. So make sure you maintain that fine grind by caring for your cool grinder on a regular basis. 

Cool Weed Grinders At The Flower Pot

At The Flower Pot, we pride ourselves on our herb grinder collection. Not only can we say that each in our stock is the best weed grinder you can find. But each offers you a cool grinder to show off as you get ready to fill your rolling papers.