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Unique Glass Pipes & Ceramic Smokeware

Unique Glass Pipes & Ceramic Smokeware


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Balance PipeBalance Pipe
Balance Pipe Sale price$65.00
Petal PipePetal Pipe
Elbow Pipe designed by Ninon ChoplinElbow Pipe designed by Ninon Choplin
Daisy Flower PipeDaisy Flower Pipe
John Quick
Daisy Flower Pipe Sale price$100.00
Crystal Ball PipeCrystal Ball Pipe
Duo Pipe by TetraDuo Pipe by Tetra
Duo Pipe by Tetra Sale price$40.00
Cloud Nine PipeCloud Nine Pipe
Go Easy
Cloud Nine Pipe Sale price$50.00
Ceramic Pipe by BiduCeramic Pipe by Bidu
Ceramic Pipe by Bidu Sale price$52.00
"Fruit Fantasy" Apple Pipe"Fruit Fantasy" Apple Pipe
Piccolo PipePiccolo Pipe
Cob PipeCob Pipe
The Wave PipeThe Wave Pipe
Ceramic Swirl PipeCeramic Swirl Pipe
Handpainted One-hitter PipeHandpainted One-hitter Pipe
Ceramic Bubbler | Water PipeCeramic Bubbler | Water Pipe
Ceramic Crescent PipeCeramic Crescent Pipe

What Is A Glass Pipe?

There’s nothing more iconic than a glass pipe when it comes to weed paraphernalia. Glass hand pipes offer an easy, convenient, and durable way to deliver the most luxurious smoking experience possible. 

How? It’s all in the design. 

Glass pipes usually consist of a mouthpiece, a stem, and a glass bowl where you can load your cannabis and dry herbs. Glass pipes are different from water pipes, dab rigs, and bubblers which use water filtration. 

But using a glass hand pipe won’t compromise the filtration properties of your smoking experience. Instead, it’ll offer a stunning visual as smoke flows through the transparent pipe, giving your smoking sesh a more sensual feel. 


Different Types Of Glass Pipes

You’ll find more than one unique glass pipe at The Flower Pot. But here are some of the most traditional glass pipes you can expect to find around the dispensary scene.


Unique Glass Pipes & Ceramic Weed Pipes At The Flower Pot

Not all glass pipes are made equal. At The Flower Pot, our unique glass pipes offer something you won’t find anywhere else. 

Our most notable glass pipe collection comes from none other than Tetra. Each hand pipe is crafted with your pleasure in mind. Their Balance Hand Pipe comes in transparent colors to lend different hues to your smoking sesh while their cool glass Elbow Pipe takes on a twisted style that features a more bountiful fit to your hand than other smoking accessories might. 

Beyond the Tetra collection, Edie Parker Flower also offers some glass pipe pieces that will have you immediately falling in love. Their Petal Pipe comes in different colors and features a fun flower-shaped design, uniquely fitted to your mouth. 

Go Easy’s Cloud Nine Pipe offers yet another unique glass pipe experience in the shape of cumulus clouds, ready to whisk you away and into the sky. Lastly, the Crystal Ball Pipe by Sackville & Co is crafted from premium borosilicate glass and can complete your glass pipe collection with fortune flowered flair. 

But, if you’re looking beyond the glass pipe and want a different kind of pipe experience, we have plenty more pipe options to offer you. 

From Pigeon Toe Ceramics, you can partake in a pipe made of river rock and coupled with porcelain and stoneware clay. While John Quick may not be producing a glass pipe as of yet, his meticulously crafted slip-cast ceramic marvel is something to be adored.