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Now Supplying Luxury Amenities To Hotels, AirBnB, VBRO, SONDER, Plum Guide & More

Luxury custom care kits. 

Enhance the travel experience with a custom approach.

High-end travel is complete when hotels + vacation rentals commit to client wellness. Initially launching at the NoMad Hotel in Los Angeles, our custom care kits are created to provide each guest with a restorative experience.

Each wellness kit is a collaboration with a specialized vision. We provide an array of options for modern suite styles, in-room menus, and long-term stays. 

Sensuality kits, packed with a silky personal lubricant and mood-stimulating chocolates, are replete with aroma and sensation. Gender-neutral candles and an earthy bath soak will make any jetted tub feel like an elegant spa. 

Guests move through many climates and conditions. Skincare kits include exfoliating coffee scrub, hydrating face serum, and a rejuvenating sleep mask to help them look + feel their best after a long journey. 

Deeper sleep kits slay jet lag by supporting our systems with a satisfying night of restoration. CBD tinctures and herbal mints are essential to help guests sleep soundly and be well-rested for their next adventure. 

Our wellness kits can be tailored to suit any destination, such as Airbnb, Sonder, VRBO and luxury hotels. Currently, our kits are available in the following styles. 

  • sensuality
  • deeper sleep
  • jet lag
  • wellness rituals
  • fitness guru
  • skincare
  • furry companion

We’re excited to make our hotel amenity service available to new partners. Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together.