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Mini Nest-Bowl Ashtray by Maria Ida

Sale price$40.00

Praise a glass.

Immerse yourself in the irresistible allure of this meticulously handcrafted glass-blown mini nest bowl, masterfully created by the skilled artisan Maria Struk from Vancouver, BC. With its mesmerizing display of diverse vibrant color palettes, this bowl is a versatile treasure. Embrace its role as a stylish cradle for your smudge stock or a captivating ashtray. Witness how this extraordinary art glass transcends the ordinary, elevating your living space with its transformative energy and chic allure. Let Maria Ida's visionary touch infuse sophistication and boundless creativity into every corner of your cherished home.

Materials / Details

  • Handblown glass
  • Bowl measures approximately 1.5-2”H X 2-2.5” D

About Maria Ida Designs

Founded by Maria Struk in 2015, Maria Ida Designs works out of Terminal City Glass Co-op, a member-owned artist space. They partner online and have stockists in Canada, the US, UK, Norway, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Mini Nest-Bowl Ashtray by Maria Ida
Mini Nest-Bowl Ashtray by Maria Ida Sale price$40.00