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Article: DIY Body Polish

DIY Body Polish

DIY Body Polish


Looking for a way to make that body-ody-ody even more glowing and smooth? Allow us to recommend a combination of two of our favorite bathtime products to removes dead skin cells, promote cell regeneration + moisturize.

A Body Polish by TFP

🧂Step #1

Take a scoop of Daughter of The Land’s Cypress CBD Bath soak – made with coarse French grey Epsom salts + lush essential oils.

🥥 Step #2

Combine with a healthy smear of sustainably sourced pure coconut oil from Conscious Coconut.

💆🏻‍♀️ Step #3

Gently massage this natural, Earth-friendly scrub into your skin for a refreshing and reviving ritual that will reinvigorate you.

Rinse off, and admire the glow.

We love it when our favorite products work together so elegantly, don’t you?

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