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Article: Herbal and Mushroom Tincture for Focus and Productivity

Herbal and Mushroom Tincture for Focus and Productivity

Herbal and Mushroom Tincture for Focus and Productivity


Looking for a gentle yet effective boost for your brain? Herbal remedies brand Cleban & Daughters make a gorgeous tincture with adaptogens, yerba mate and the wonder-mushroom cordyceps to help you focus and clear your to-do list.  

Add a supercharged dropperful of Electra Energize Tincture to your water or favorite beverage and see where the day takes you!


Non-acidic, non jittery alternative to coffee. Known to physically uplift. 


Helps to soothe fatigue and to increase physical and mental stamina.


Mushroom known to improve cognitive function, memory and focus. 


Helps increase alertness. Aids in delivering the formula to the nervous system. 

Designed to be used in concert with Cleban & Daughters’ Electra Mist aromatherapy spray for a truly invigorating experience.

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