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Article: Let's talk about white privilege in cannabis.

Let's talk about white privilege in cannabis.

Let's talk about white privilege in cannabis.

This moment in time, marred by political division, has led to splintering among friends and family.

An urge to debate what we believe to be true is met with the reluctance to disturb relationships + create conflict with our closest of kin.

We can't focus on those not willing to evolve, think critically, or digest the data.
Our only hope is to remain positive and put energy towards creating small change within reach.

In the spirit of achievable change, we’re focusing on what we know.
While we smoke high-quality flower in a pretty package, a Black woman sits in a prison cell for possession.

Enslavement is the root. Mass incarceration is the epidemic.
Hundreds of years… Racial profiling. Beatings. Incentivized arrests.
Over-policing. Harsher sentences. Unjust laws.


No one should be imprisoned for plants.

I have the (white) privilege to dedicate my life to making cannabis more accessible.
The reality is starkly different for BIPOC.

The radical criminalization of cannabis began with the War on Drugs.
Now, our nation has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

Almost 25 percent of the world’s total prison population is here, in the U.S.
And they’re mostly Black Americans.
(1 in 4 to be exact; for whites, it’s 1 in 17)

For-profit prisons are filled to the brim;
fueled by decades of institutionalized racism and police brutality.
Corruption in our justice system destroys lives.

A white father has built generations of wealth to pass on;
A Black father is without resources to fight a felony conviction.

Families are torn apart by wrongful cannabis convictions.
The system favors whites. It’s more than just a head start.

Today, cannabis is no longer a crime.
Now legal in most states, our nation accepts cannabis as medicine.

Today, it’s the Wild West of Weed.
We’ve condemned the criminalization of cannabis + shift the standard of care.
And we can’t leave anyone behind.

Especially BIPOC who made sure our nation had plant medicine, at great risk.

Cannabis reform is about more than policy — it’s about real, tangible, physical justice.
The change is cultural, racial, conscious and most importantly, systemic.

How can we help to heal impacted communities?
We fight the fundamental injustice of criminal cannabis convictions.


Pardon people incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis crimes.
Clean + expunge records. Provide resources for reentry.
Repair the devastating history of racism in cannabis.

Let’s work together to pave the way for a more equitable future.

Want to help? Get involved with Cage-Free Cannabis, Equity First, the Last Prisoner Project.

photo by the talentedEndia Beal
data-driven resources: ACLU


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