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Article: Thank you & a gift.

Thank you & a gift.

Thank you & a gift.

As the holidays race towards us and the year wraps up, we couldn't let it pass without a heartfelt shoutout to our incredible community—you've truly made this wild ride extra spesh.

Every sale, every chat, every connection—it's all been the secret sauce keeping our small shop thriving. Your choice to roll with us is what keeps the heart of our business beating, and we're genuinely thankful for each and every one of you.

This year marked our brand shift from Herbal Wellness to Herbal Tools. Shoutout to our creative powerhouse crew—Nenah, the design maestro; Lili, the wordsmith extraordinaire; Lauren, our video virtuoso; Larry and Wendy, the rebranding dynamos; Haley, the photography wizard; Willow, the art director extraordinaire; and Cliff, our SEO guru. Their passion has injected life into our reimagined brand, and we count ourselves lucky to have such a talented bunch in our corner.

Now, onto the exciting bits! Forget the usual time-sensitive sale. Rushing is not in our DNA. This year, it's all about giving back to you. For every $100 you spend, we're tossing in a $20 credit towards your next haul (you'll be sent the gift card via email immediately after purchase). It's our way of saying thanks and sprinkling a bit more joy your way. *offer good until 12/25/23*

You won't hear from us til' the New Year, but rest assured, we're still here for all your gifting needs.

Thanks a million for being part of our ride. Here's to a holiday season filled with joy, connections, and, of course, plenty of greenery.

With love and appreciation.


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