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Article: TCM for fertility, mood, and sleep.

TCM for fertility, mood, and sleep.

TCM for fertility, mood, and sleep.

Here comes the sun.

We've been expanding our horizon to include traditional Chinese medicinal herbs – announcing 3 new TCM products from Mount Sunny, acupuncture clinic and lifestyle shop based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Shelby Ramirez has harnessed the power of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms to create body-balancing capsules that lift the mood (Happy Tree), alleviate symptoms of menstruation (Yin Return), and ease your mind (Calm Spirit).


Star herb: He Huan Pi

Great for anyone battling doom and gloom. 

Chinese Herbs for Depression


Star herb: Suan Zao Ren, Long Yan Rou combo

Ideal for creative thinkers with overactive minds and big imaginations.

TCM for Anxiety


Star herb: Dang Gui

Support fertility, menopause, postpartum.

Yin Return for PMS

Observing the principles of nature can create balance in the body—a human being is merely a microcosm of the universe. 

Each blend comes in a bottle with enough capsules for one month. Blends are vegan, gluten-free, and meant for regular, everyday use.

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