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Article: Your 2024 Guide To Cannabis Paraphernalia

Your 2024 Guide To Cannabis Paraphernalia

Your 2024 Guide To Cannabis Paraphernalia

Approximately 22.4% of adults aged 18-25 reported using a bong in the past year when consuming cannabis. But how many different types of cannabis paraphernalia are you actually familiar with aside from water pipes?

Best Cannabis Paraphernalia of 2024 

Cannabis paraphernalia runs the gamut of pipes, canisters, rolling trays, lighters, grinders, and more. And, unlike the grimy connotations the word “paraphernalia” itself inspires, plenty of cannabis lifestyle accessories and products are available that can enliven any space you decide to light up your next smoke session in. 

Below, we’ll take you through a comprehensive guide to what cannabis paraphernalia looks like in 2024. We’ll even let you in on the top products that customers can’t help but love. 

What Is Paraphernalia?

Paraphernalia refers to any number of miscellaneous articles, typically associated with a particular activity, hobby, or lifestyle. These can include tools, accessories, or other objects that are used for a variety of purposes. 

Cannabis or smoking paraphernalia can refer to devices such as pipes, dabbing tools, glass bowls, hand pipes, bongs, and more. Even storage containers for cannabis can be considered paraphernalia. 

Why Is It Called Paraphernalia?

Historically, the term "paraphernalia" once meant "a woman's property besides her dowry." But the modern-day use of the word simply refers to equipment, products, or accessories intended to serve a particular activity or lifestyle. 

At The Flower Pot®, we like to use the term "paraphernalia" to describe the plethora of artful cannabis accessories we house. From handcrafted pipes to grinders, stash and storage containers to rolling accessories, our products are all lovingly dubbed paraphernalia to service your cannabis lifestyle needs. 

Types Of Cannabis Paraphernalia 

There are a number of commonplace cannabis paraphernalia available from a variety of different headshops. Below, you’ll find examples of our chosen luxury weed accessories designed by renowned creators and underground producers alike. 

Pipes & Bowls

Pipes & Bowls

When it comes to cannabis paraphernalia, you’ll likely hear the terms “pipe” and “bowl” be used interchangeably. That’s because a pipe consists of a bowl and a reservoir that leads to the smoker’s mouth. 

Often, pipes will also have a carb, a hole in the side of the vessel to allow for air intake. When covered, the carb allows the smoke to build up in the hollow of the pipe. Then, once released, it pushes all the smoke toward the user. 

Pipes tend to be the most popular form of cannabis paraphernalia since they are easy to carry on oneself. That being said, some of the more luxury pipes we have to offer in our smokeware collection may be more suited to amplifying your smoke session at home. 

At The Flower Pot®, our pipes and bowls are created from a number of different materials. For example, our Stone Pipe, made by Pigeon Toe Ceramics, is crafted entirely from Washougal River rock while The Wave Pipe is made from smoked cherry wood. 

Each unique material used is meant to ground your smoking experience and make it all the more rich. Connecting you with quality materials made from the Earth, each handcrafted pipe delivers a smooth smoke while doubling as an art object. 

From borosilicate glass to speckled stoneware, each of our pipes offers a stunning contemporary design that can add character to any space while making cannabis connoisseurs and novices alike look and feel good. 

Rolling Accessories

Rolling Papers

Used to roll a joint, rolling papers are typically square or rectangular in shape and are thin like tissue paper. Rolling papers first became popularized in the '60s and '70s when cannabis consumption skyrocketed in the US. 

Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of rolling papers that differ in material used (wood pulp, hemp paper, rice paper, etc.) to additional flavors meant to enhance the cannabis experience. 


That iconic puff-puff-pass motion is typically reserved for joints made from rolling paper and your choice of cannabis blend. While pipes are certainly popular, joints tend to offer smokers more flexibility, especially if they’re looking to pack in a session while out and about. 

That being said, joints themselves require a set of paraphernalia including rolling papers, lighters, grinders, and rolling trays. Once rolled, a joint can easily be disposed of after smoking. 


While similar to joints in appearance, spliffs blend cannabis and tobacco together to make for a whole new smoking experience. Popularized by New Orleans musicians in the 1920s, spliffs became known as “jazz cigarettes” and solidified their place in prohibition-era speakeasy culture. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the origin of the spliff and how to roll one, check out our other blog post here



Grinders are used to–you guessed it–grind down bits of cannabis into finer pieces so that they may burn better in a bowl or pipe. Plus, if you’re buying fresh flower, a grinder can rid your stash of any stems so that the final product burns evenly. 

After use, you’ll notice a powdery substance at the bottom of your grinder. This is called kief and is packed with THC. 

Typically, grinders come with a kief catcher so that you can make sure no bit of flower goes to waste. And you can expect no different from the grinders we house here at The Flower Pot®. 

From aluminum to gold, our artful grinders are crafted to inspire intentional moments. Emphasizing art and design, these products do more than facilitate your next smoking session. They allow you to contemplate the relationship between objects, environments, and yourself. 


Lighters tend to be fairly self-explanatory when describing cannabis paraphernalia. But many cannabis users are quick to understate the role a lighter can play when making for an elevated smoking experience. 

The lighters we house at The Flower Pot® are more than functional, helping you light up a session. They combine aesthetics, safety, and functionality so that you can revive your rituals with elegant, contemporary style. 

Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are essential when rolling a joint. They’ll help you catch any excess weed as you roll your paper tight. 

And, when not being used for cannabis, they’ll even function as gorgeous home decor–perfect for catching your keys as an entryway holder, or even acting as a bedside catchall for your valuable jewelry. 

Designed by Jonathan Adler, these rolling trays offer the perfect aesthetic for those interested in posh porcelain adorned with real gold accents. As we like to say, this is the kind of posh porcelain paraphernalia you won’t want to pass up. 

Stash & Storage


Protecting and housing your valuables is no doubt a necessity. And with the perfect bespoke canisters, you can add yet another enchanting flair to your home environment. 

Whether you’re looking to delve into the surreal mindscapes where the third eye awakens or simply gaze into a luxe stoner statement piece created from marble, malachite, rose quartz, and brass, our canisters offer you stunning storage solutions you won’t find anywhere else. 

Take your pick from warm and earthy tones to colorful accents that can make for a vibrant addition to your weed stash. Blending in with your other kitchen storage receptacles, these canisters can remain hidden in plain sight for your herbal delights while celebrating handcrafted pieces. 


For cannabis connoisseurs who remain on-the-go, the Carry Case is the perfect pocket-sized statement piece that is thoughtfully designed to carry your valuables wherever life takes you. Crafted from anodized and hand-polished aluminum, this case is equipped with a firm magnetic lid to protect your smokes from any other unwanted scents. 

Plus, it features an airtight base compartment so you can store any half-smoked cones, returning to them later. 


Last but not least, ashtrays offer cannabis consumers the perfect nesting bowl to catch any unwanted ashes while acting as a mesmerizing display of diverse vibrant color palettes. 

These handblown glass ashtrays are created by the skilled artisan Maria Struk from Vancouver, BC, and offer your home a stylish cradle for any smudge stock you might be looking to burn. With its transformative energy and chic allure, these ashtrays make the perfect addition to your household while adding a layer of sophistication and boundless creativity to your living space. 

The Bottom Line

At its core, cannabis paraphernalia offers users functional items to help enhance their next smoke session. But when not in use, these items can effectively enhance any space while flooding creative energy into every corner of your cherished home. 

At The Flower Pot®, our mission is to create a safe and reliable space for you to explore + experiment with the benefits of botanical medicine. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn

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