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Ceramic Swirl Pipe

Sale price$70.00
Color:Light Blue

Ceramic conversation-starter. 

Drawing inspiration from the bright colors and rich textures of their Afro-Caribbean heritage, Kenni Field created this gorgeous statement piece, which serves as both a pipe and an artistic addition to any room. Its large hollow interior is designed to deliver a cooler, smoother hit than traditional stemmed pipes. Made of tinted porcelain and glaze coating for easier, less frequent cleaning and better durability than glass. Food-safe/non-toxic.

These ceramic pipes come in two vibrant marbleized shades: Pinky Swirl and Blue Waves.

  • Dimensions: 3” x 3” x 2.25”.
  • Clean/Care: The glazed bowl and interior can be treated like a typical glass piece, and can be cleaned with alcohol, acetone or resin stripper.

About Kenni Field

Kenni Field is a queer Black ceramicist and art educator rooted in Lenapehoking (Philadelphia) with 7 years of self-taught experience. Their work centers on functional ceramics but also spans fabric, sound, and ink. Their goal as an artist is to inspire joy, wonder, and tenderness in their audience.

Ceramic Swirl Pipe
Ceramic Swirl Pipe Sale price$70.00