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Full Length Emerald Marble Incense Burner & Holder

Sale price$65.00

A sleek stone slab for igniting ritual & catching ash. 

Green marble represents renewal, harmony, and balance – let it burn and set the mood for a moment of aromatherapy or cleansing your space. This stylish addition will complement any mantle, bath side stool or alter even when not in use. A full-length incense burner with a deep ash catching well, fit to please both meditation mavens and design enthusiasts. 


  • Rajasthan Emerald (Green Marble)


  • 170(L) x 80(W) x 18(H) mm


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The A.C.T. ESSENTIAL design studio is focused on taking regular items and turning them into understated, daily objects that become Essentials for everyday life. Essentials that celebrate form. Essentials that celebrate function. Essentials that endure and Essentials that make an impact.