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Article: CBD & Menopause

CBD & Menopause

CBD & Menopause

Scientists are still investigating the ways our bodies change during menopause. We know estrogen declines, and hormone levels become erratic. Things may feel tense + tight. 


Menopause is one of the top three reasons women use therapeutic cannabis products, along with menstruation and sex. CBD is a herbal medicine made to support the body in a number of ways. 

CBD can increase blood flow to the pelvic region, keeping tissues healthy and hydrated. A gentle option safe for internal use, CBD can reduce inflammation, relax muscles, and calm pain-perceiving nerves. 


title="Foria Basics CBD Hemp Suppositories for Menopause">Foria Basics Suppositories

Foria Basics CBD suppositories are a soothing solution to nature’s shifts. Made with sun-grown CBD extract + infused with organic cocoa butter. 

Menopause is a rite-of-passage from the inner workings of our bodies. And each person's experience of menopause is entirely unique.


Source: Foria (

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