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Article: Stress Relief Month: Founder's Favorites

Stress Relief Month: Founder's Favorites

Stress Relief Month: Founder's Favorites

Is your calendar already brimming? Check out our founder, Rebecca Kershberg's January picks for Stress Relief Month.  ↓

"Ok yes, sampling local flower in Jamaica on holiday relieves all the stress. But for those of us back in reality, here are my favorite floral arrangements that enhance mood, reduce anxiety and relax the entire body. 

SuperYou - I take these powerful capsules every day to stabilize mood and increase focus. I like to think of it as a proactive mental health supplement. I can't recommend it enough.  A big thanks to Victoria Della Ripa Corrales, my long-time best friend and the senior marketing director at Moon Juice, for connecting us with this mind-enhancing medicinal. 


 - A  clean, earthy tincture with 1200mg pure broad-spectrum CBD, created by Bloom Farms CBD. I've been loving this as an ongoing anti-inflammatory remedy, as it truly helps your cells communicate with each other more efficiently – which aids in everything from digestion to skincare to sleep. Recover takes the edge of any anxious moments. Plus, Bloom gives 1 one meal to those in need for every tincture purchased. Emily, grateful to you for sharing Recover with our community! 


Turmeric salve - While this isn't mental stress, physical stress can take a toll on the body. From OG female farmers Yuyo Botanics, I use this spicy salve for post fitness camp with Lacey Stone Fitness. It's incredible for sore hamstrings and shoulders, as it deeply cools and seems to last for hours. Hello, muscle recovery."


Questions? Reach out to us directly and we'll share more detail about how to use these go-tos!

At The Flower Pot®, our mission is to create a safe and reliable space for you to explore + experiment with the benefits of botanical medicine. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, PinterestYoutube and LinkedIn.

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SuperYou by MoonJuice


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