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Article: Your daily dose.

Your daily dose.

Your daily dose.

At-home rituals for sleep, stress relief, immunity + more.

Each month, we select a wellness theme and spotlight our favorite feel-good remedies for our community. In March, we just happened to be in the midst of featuring all things immune health.

Here are our top sellers. Your collective favorites. + How they work.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

An apple a day. This hazy healthful elixir contains beneficial bacteria and prebiotics to strengthen your gut health, plus a high concentration of vitamin C, fiber, and acids to boost immunity.


Super You by Moon Juice

Super You

Adaptogenic magic. This “clinically studied” supplement is like a daily vitamin for your mental health, because reducing stress strengthens the immune system.


Kick that Cold by Homestead Apothecary

Kick that Cold

Respiratory woes be damned. A natural tonic for cold prevention + relief, comprised of elderberry, echinacea, chamomile, and ginger.


Sleep Mints

An obvious essential in today’s climate. Snooze-inducing mints with CBD, melatonin, ashwagandha, valerian root, and natural terpenes to help you rest, so your vital organs can recover.

Recover CBD Tincture

Full-spectrum support. Bloom Farms’ pure coconut oil tincture contains 1200mg of CBD to internally balance the mind + body.

This month, our selection is a spotlight on skincare. A little levity to keep our spirits high with at-home rituals.

At The Flower Pot®, our mission is to create a safe and reliable space for you to explore + experiment with the benefits of botanical medicine. Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestYoutube and LinkedIn.

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